The Top 50 Achievements in Architecture

From the Lloyd's Building in London to One Central Park in Australia, this video includes some of the most beautiful architecture in the World.  Compliments of Facton.

Gaudi Architecture in Barcelona

Antoni Gaudi was an Architect that did amazing work in Spain.  He is the best known Catalan Modernistic Architect. Gaudí's work has a distinctive style. Some of his most famous in Barcelona include Magnum Opus and the Sagrada Familia.

Architecture - More Than Just A Passion


Why Architecture is Important

Ryan Van Wagenen has always had a love for architecture.  When he was young, his father, Ken Van Wagenen would point out artistic design differences of structures and discuss the various architectural styles in homes and Los Angeles buildings.  One of Los Angeles artistic achievements has to be the Walt Disney Concert Hall designed by Frank Gehry.  The soft smooth curved lines found in the Disney Concert Hall have been the focal point of many tourists traveling through Los Angeles.  Architecture is truly an art and some of the most famous artists the world over dabbled in design and building structures.   Another fine example was Leonardo da Vinci who not only painted artistically but designed buildings and creative inventions.  Da Vinci spent a lot of time engineering structures and creative scientific endeavors.

On a simple level, Ryan Van Wagenen feels that architecture is important as it provides the physical structures in which we live.  On a deeper level, he feels architecture is an expression of human civilization, which endures as a history book for future generations.  Architecture is a relatively permanent feature in our lives.  It is an expression of what we value most. Unlike paintings and most other forms of art, architecture is extremely difficult to avoid if we don’t like what we see. Architecture shows how people view the environment and it can serve as a time capsule of human history and thought. Architecture is one of the most powerful reflections of human culture.