Philanthropy: Inspiring Acts of Everyday Kindness

Philanthropy is Our Purpose in Life

Ryan Van Wagenen PCF Philanthropy New York

You Will Never Lose, You Will Only Win and Learn

Ryan Van Wagenen and the Van Wagenen family are all strong believers in philanthropy.  We are all ready and able to do beautiful things in this world.  We need to dig deep and find our purpose and fulfil it and change the world one day at a time.

When we keep people and humanity at the center of the things we do, we will always be happy.  Deep inside we all are heroes that want to do something great and inspire others.  Often we get numb and forget who we truly are.  The fact that we are alive and living in the world today shows that we are part of a greater purpose.  If we see a problem or injustice in the world, it's up to us to improve that situation.  We all want to do good, but sometimes we become preoccupied and get distracted.  If we are not making the life of someone else better, than we are not living right.  When we are helping others is when we will be most happy.  We can all make a difference.  Measure our impact based on the people we serve and not on popularity or monetary success.  When we don't care about the thoughts about others and focus on what really matters is when we become our best self.

To express oneself honestly is the goal in life.  Take our strengths and love them and take our weaknesses and make them our strengths.  This is a great world we live in and its up to us to make it what we want it to be.  Lets all live up to our potential and be the best we can be.

Philanthropy - Stay Focused on What Really Matters