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Overview of the Experience

Ryan Van Wagenen loved his time at University in Salt Lake City.  He had the great luxury of having his sister there with him from 2008-2010.  They were actually able to take a few classes together as well.  One of the greatest times was the 2008 year.  Not only was his sister there with him at the U, but also the Utes football team went an undefeated 13-0 and finished #2 in the final AP poll at the end of the year.  Being present at the TCU and Oregon State football games were two of the most fun football games he's every been to.  And the Sugar Bowl beat down of Alabama is likely the best game in the history of the Utes program.  Such a great year!

On the academic side, Ryan's first year was spent primarily taking architecture courses and he learned a ton and realized that although he loves drawing and enjoyed his time working at an architecture firm in Los Angeles, this was likely not the right fit for him in the long run.  He began taking micro and macro economics and psychology courses and this led to Ryan deciding to major in economics with the minor in psychology.  Ryan felt that econ and pscyh provided the most well rounded learning experience and the courses were very applicable to everyday life.

Another highlight was the University Chapter of the American Marketing Association on campus.  This was a tremendous experience for Ryan as he was elected Vice President and Treasurer of the university division.  Ryan was also one of seven members of the group that were selected to participate in the Kodak National Case Competition in New Orleans.  Not only was it awesome to represent the U at the conference with ~50 universities and participate in the case competition, but it was just an overall fun trip for Ryan to get to know a new place.  He learned on this trip that Louisiana has some of the best food.  If you've never been, Cafe de Monde is a must to try their beignets.  These may be the best pastries on earth.  Another highlight of the trip was a game of chance.  Rock-Paper-Scissors.  Ryan would be crowned a champion of a ~100 person tournament.  The greatest game of luck.

Memories from Utes Football

Ryan Van Wagenen with Alex Smith

Ryan Van Wagenen Utes Football

Sean Smith and Ryan Van Wagenen

Ryan Van Wagenen Pasadena Utes football

Hype in Salt Lake City - Utes Football Highlights