The New Wimbledon in London

The Van Wagenen Family Loves Tennis and Wimbledon

Ryan Van Wagenen loved working at Citi in London.  Some of the most fun was tennis and philanthropy

One of the Best Tennis Venues is Wimbledon in London

Ryan Van Wagenen and the Van Wagenen family have always loved to watch and play tennis.  One of the best venues in the sport is Wimbledon in London.  The court has quite the history and is located on the south west portion of the city near Charing Cross.  The actual town of Wimbledon has a population of nearly 70,000.  In addition to being where the major tennis tournament is held each year, Wimbledon also has the largest areas of common land in London.

Ryan's father, Ken Van Wagenen, is still an avid tennis fan and watches some of the major tournaments including Wimbledon each year.  Ken plays three to four times a week in Pasadena with friends of the family from all over the Los Angeles area.

Wimbledon 360-degree Aerial Drone Overview